Pan Arab Tours

Your gate to the charming Egyptian desert

felukka-sundown-1Pan Arab Tours was founded 1971 and was the first organisation which offered desert safari tours in 1975

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. Since then it is number one in the field of safari in Egypt.

1975 we started our safari tours with the first Mercedes Unimog vehicles in Egypt
. Now we use specialized Land Cruisers to ensure the comfort of our guests.

With Pan Arab Tours you will experience the desert in an unforgettable way. Adventure with safety and comfort in the hand of more than 35 years of experience in fulfilling client needs and wishes.

Eco Tourism since 1971

Since its first day Pan Arab Tours its ideology was the care for nature to enjoy it and save the heritage for the coming generation.

Pan Arab Tours in cooperation with Desert Lodge, supported the cleaning of the environment of villages like the El Qasr village at Dakhla Oasis (New Valley), with the great help of the local people and the young school children.

We have received this medal in February 2003 by the Arab League for “Green Tourism” and our big efforts of protecting the desert in Egypt

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In 2005 we received from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism this certification for high standing quality. It was the only award given to an Eco-Lodge in Egypt

In 2007 Desert Lodge has been awarded the first prize for Best Environmental Tourism by DRV (German Travel Association).

  • Cairo Office

    Saudi-Egyptian Building 5
    El Nozha Str.
    Heliopolis / Cairo

    Tel:+20-2-2418-4409, +20-2-2418-4419


  • Frankfurt Office

    . 1-7
    60594 Frankfurt / Main


  • International Associations

    Pan Arab Tours is a member of the following associations:

    • E.T.A.A (Egyptian Travel Agent Association)
    • E.T.F (Egyptian Tourism Federation)
    • Search & Rescue Association
    • ASTA
    • IATA