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Join one of our desert safaris. Enjoy the view of a sea of sand that goes as far as your eyes can reach. endless fields of sand dunes and deep depressions, forming the famous oases of the Western Desert.
Siwa, Bahareya, Farafra, El Dakhla and El Kharga comprise 67% of the whole Western Desert area and are inhabited byBedouins
The Sinai stands as a separate entity with its over 2000 meters height mountains
. The rugged surface, steep rocky edges and the red & black granite traces, mark this unique & spectacular area of Egypt

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The Mount Sinai, on which God spoke to Moses, along with the St. Catherine Monastery adds a divine atmosphere to this place.

The turquoise crystal clear water with its coral reefs and marine diversity, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing or just laying in the warm sun enjoying the panorama

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As far as you are in the land of the Pharaohs you need to see the unique ancient locations the country offers
. You should visit the Pyramids and the temples in Luxor and Abu Simbel.

We’ll take you to Saladin’s citadel and the Egyptian Museum. And you can test your riding talents with a horse or camel ride.

Wonderous historical and exotic destination. Enjoy the fascination with the ancient past. Bring to your mind the images of the Pharaohs and the Pyramids. Through it all, flows the mysterious Nile river, giving life to the desert and this ancient land.

  • Cairo / Nubian Temples ( 9 Days)

    A program designed to combine between the luxury and the adventure. We offer you the chance to visit the ancient Egyptian monument across the Nile on a luxury Nile cruise and in deep desert with a four wheal drive…

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  • Cairo / Upper Egypt ( 8 Days)

    Program designed for the client, who would like to be in real contact with the Egyptian life style. Crossing the way along the ancient road to visit the Egyptian monuments from Aswan to Luxor…

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  • Cairo / Nile Cruise ( 11 Days)

    You comfort and luxury is our aim, we do offer you the chance to enjoy the Magic of the Nile and the mystery of the history, visit all the attraction of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan…

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  • Gilf El Kebir & Sand Sea ( 18 Days)

    Real Expedition lovers, you are now able to enjoy your adventure expedition in the no man land crossing the Desert to explore the legendary Oasis of Zarzure, searching for the lost army in the Great Sand Sea, to reach the charming Oasis of Siwa…

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  • El Gilf El Kebir / Uweinat ( 14 Days )

    In 14 days you can explore a life time Expedition, surfing through the desert with the land cruiser till you reach the area of the gilf kebir and more south to the amazing rock art at the Area of Uweinat mountain…

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  • Aswan – Abou Simbel ( 4 Days)

    Unique idea designed for people looking for the mystery of the history, visiting the lost temples in the desert.
    Visiting Lake Nasser which ensures the a stable water supply of the whole country during the year.

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