Sudanese Safari

  • TourSudan04-25

    Day 1

    Meet at the Cairo Airport to catch the 0500 Egypt Air flight to Aswan.
    Upon arrival transport to the High Dam port to board the Aswan Wadi Halfa ferry, Leaves Aswan at about 2 pm

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    . (18 hours in first class accommodation).

    Day 2

    Upon arrival at Wadi Halfa (late morning) we hope to start our trip in 4 wheel vehicles (4 in each car) towards Abri. (200 KM) night in Camp.

    Day 3

    Visit Sai Island where we can explore the impressive ottoman fort 16th century
    Then visit the Amenhotep III ruined temple at Sedeinga, and the most preserved
    Egyptian temple on the Sudanese Nile at Soleb. These 3 sites are on the west bank, visits are mostly depending on ferries availabilities. Spend the night in camp near Wawa.

    Day 4

    From Wawa to Delgo (about 50 km) then cross the river to visit the ruins of the Egyptian new kingdom town at Sesibi , 3rd Cataract rock art and Tombos the site of the Egyptian new kingdom cemetery. Spend the night in camp near Truck.

    Day 5

    Visit Kerma known for its high quality pottery and Kawa to visit the temples of King Tut and Taharqa temple of Amun Spend the night in camp near Kawa.

    Day 6

    Kawa to El-Kurru ( about 3 hours on Tarmac road) Visit the tombs of the royal cemetery there ( tomb of Tanwetamani Successor of Taharqa ) and overnight near Jabal Barkal.

    Day 7

    15 Km to Jabal Barkal, there we will explore the ruins of the temples of Amun and Mut , after this we drive to the royal cemetery at Nuri to visit the pyramid of the most powerful ruler of Sudan King Taharqa.

    Day 8

    Cross the desert west to east from Wadi Abu Dom to Atbara. In a full day we will explore the Bayuda desert. There we can meet the local nomads at the wells.

    Day 9

    After about 2 hours drive from Atbara we arrive to Meroe. There we will explore the fascinating pyramids of the royal cemetery for the old Kushite capital.

    Day 10

    Visit Musawwarat, site of temple complex with the largest Meroitic remains covering 55,000m2 and then visit Naga where we can explore one of the best preserved Kushite sites of the Sudan (Meroitc Temples).

    Day 11

    Drive from Naga to Khartoum (180 km)
    . Upon arrival in Khartoum will visit the Museum and have an excursion in Omdurman (visit Caliph House and Mahdi’s Tomb IF open). Stop at the Omdurman suq. Then go to the Airport at 7 pm to catch the Kenyan airline flight to Cairo leaves Khartoum at 21h00, arrives Cairo at 2335. Transfer to Novotel airport Cairo hotel.

    Day 12

    Transfer to Cairo airport for the final departure.