Car Rental
You may use the car rental service of Pan Arab Tours PAT Limo.
Generally there are you’ll find the most of the big car rental companies in Egypt

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It is recommendable to pay for the car insurance!
Drivers should have an international driver’s license but sometimes your local driving license is good enough.

Taxi’s are available everywhere on the streets of the major cities, but there is also the Yellow Cab Service on call.
If you are staying in a hotel it is recommended to take a yellow cab as they have fix prices and you don’t share your cab with someone else. Usually these cabs are airconiditioned and well serviced

If you decide to take a “normal” taxi you should follow some basic rules, to ensure that you don’t get upset:

  • Before you leave your hotel, ask the receptionist how much the journey should cost
  • Negotiate the price of the trip before you set off
  • Expect some stops during the trip as other passengers may join
  • Pay only when you reached your destination
  • The driver may renegotiate the price later on. Don’t respond to this negotiation.

Public Transportation
Egypt has developed a quite good transport system, but sure it’s not as well-developed as in Europe or Japan. Major cities have bus services and inter city bus transport is readily available

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. They don’t have a fix schedule

The Underground
Cairo’s Metro system has several lines. It is more or less clean and comfortable, as long as you know where you want to go to it’s the best way to move in Cairo.
Note: The front carriage is always strictly for ‘women only!

Most of Egypt’s major cities have their own bus system and there’s an extensive network of buses running between each city too.
Inner city busses have more categories. There are the air conditioned and the little cheaper non air conditioned. Tickets are sold in the bus.

Some cities still have their tram network