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HomeTemple01Expand your knowledge of history while enjoying the fine mixture of adventure and relaxation.

Experience the mystical history. Visit the ancient temples which survived the past 5000 years. Take a trip on the world longest river “the Nile”. The river on which civilization thrived for centuries and is still the lifeline for many countries.

The Sinai stands as a separate entity with its over 2000 meters height mountains. The rugged surface, steep rocky edges and the red & black granite traces, mark this unique & spectacular area of Egypt. Climb the Mount Sinai, on which God spoke to Moses, and visit the St. Catherine Monastery which emphasizes the divine atmosphere of the place.

The turquoise crystal clear water enriched with coral reefs and an amazing underwater life, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing or just laying in the warm sun enjoying the panorama.

Visit the western desert. A sea of sand that goes as far as the eyes can reach, endless of sand dunes and deep depressions, forming the famous oases of the western desert and meet its inhabitants, the Bedouins.

Let us introduce you to the land of the Pharaohs, the source of the civilization and religions.

Enjoy the fascination of the ancient past and the beauty of the today’s nature

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It’s everything you can dream of and even more

Our Specialty:
The desert as you have never seen it before

  • Our adoration joined with respect and preservation of nature is accompanied by understanding and attention to details of our guests’ expectations which makes each trip a unique experience.

    We always come with something new for our guests. We look for alternative routes, new destinations and new itineraries; so that we have the uniqueness we are proud to offer.

    Want to enjoy a glass of wine on a romantic clear night offered in the middle of the Egyptian Desert where the stars are so close that you can almost reach out and touch them? Or what about an adventurous trip which takes you back in time to ancient Egypt?

    Just say your wishes and they will be our commands. We will tailor a unique trip for you that you will never forget.

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  • Experience the
    Oriental Spirit

    Reserve one day for Cairo

    Cairo has many sights which may need at least one day.

    The museum, the citadel, the bazaar & last but not least, the old Cairo

    Experience one of the biggest and oldest cities with its crowd and flair.

    Take a short sailing trip on a felucca or enjoy a tea and a water-pipe in a real oriental cafe.

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  • Safari with us

    Where nature welcomes you

    Explore the Egyptian Desert. Feel the adventure and comfort. Pick your spot and build up your tent.

    Ride along in a luxury treat. Discover the treasures of the desert.


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    Customize your Trip

    Create your individual tour


    Safari, desert, oasis, or the Pyramids of Giza and the temples of southern Egypt.Or maybe both?

    A combination of both with a Nile cruise?

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  • Enjoy a luxurious
    Trip on the Nile

    With our Royal House Boat

    Rediscover Egypt with our Royal House Boat sailing the Nile.

    You’ll enjoy an unforgettable journey along the great ancient monuments and beautiful landscape.

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